InnovaCare Health facility is the primary supplier of health care in North America. The organization comprises two essential modes of care, the Medicare Advantage & also the Provider Networks. They are mainly focused on quality healthcare by making models that are economical and wholly coordinated with cutting-edge advancements. Their Purpose is to rethink healthcare management and to address the difficulties of the present complex human services condition. The innovative goal is focused on solid patient-provider connections, and its auxiliaries fabricate economical models of managed care that are facilitated, financially savvy, imaginative and driven by quality.


InnovaCare Health core values include innovative medical services that are driven by quality care, proficiency, maintainability and by medical practitioners who lead them. The organization consists of an administration that works best with partners who are considered highly responsible for high requirements of straightforwardness and quality.


Penelope Kokkinides is at the moment the acting Chief Administrator at the InnovaCare. She has a vast working experience of more than 20 years in the healthcare department, care industry and government programs. Penelope Kokkinides was also the CEO of Touchstone Health facility and the Vice President the care management.


She recently had a meeting with Donald Trump the US president and Seema Verma who is the Administrator of CMS. They reviewed about government therapeutic services enrollment countrywide. Mike Sortino previously was the controller of Mariner insurance agency and also the Samsung Fire organization. His experience incorporates working for more than twenty years in insurance organizations, and even five years as an accountant.


InnovaCare Health Officials recently announced that Richard Shinto the president and CEO of MD is acknowledged by Modern Healthcare (MH) as Top 25 of 2018s Minority Executives in Healthcare. The profiles of the considerable number of winners are highlighted in 2018, February 26, print out of Modern Healthcare. The organization principally centers on government healthcare facilities to create population health facilities models that are sustainable, financially savvy and wholly incorporated with the present propelled technologies.


The island has a high population of patients signed up since most of them are very ill and with no income to enable them to pay for their medical treatment. The effect of high cost of medical service worries individual since many are not able to cater for the hospital bills. Dr. Rick Shinto assured them that they would have a better health facility that meets all safety standards and at an affordable rate. Dr. Shinto recently promised to decrease a large number of specialists in the organization by ending their contract agreements. These measures will manage the significant revenue they are experiencing.


Shafik Sachedina Has Made A Significant Difference To His Community

Dar Esalaam, Tanzania is the birthplace of Shafik Sachedina. He was born in 1950 and did not emigrate to the United Kingdom until he was a teenager. This was where he attended a medical college located in London. He later received an education as a dental surgeon at the London Dental School.

He was very successful as a dental surgeon with his practice extending to numerous hospitals throughout the United Kingdom. Shafik Sachedina earned his reputation as one of his field’s top surgeons.

Shafik Sachedina also became involved in some of the activities relating to his community. He has spent a significant portion of his career working for the Institute of Ismaili Studies. The Institute was created in 1977. The main purpose was the creation of an awareness of the Islamic culture. This was achieved through numerous initiatives and publications focused on promoting the religion of Islam all over the world. The library of the Institute of Ismaili Studies is one of the most extensive in the world. Publications aimed at the promotion of the Islamic religion and culture are contained in magazines, journals and books. This library has become one of the world’s best sources for reference materials.

Shafik Sachedina has been responsible for several of the Institute’s key positions. His work as a trained surgeon has enabled him to contribute to the Ismaili Institute as the Head of the Department. He is charged with the task of ensuring the activities of the Institute are completed efficiently and responsibly. His coordination efforts make certain the activity flows through every branch contained within the Institute. He is additionally responsible for delegating the functions and roles for all the branches.

Shafik Sachedina is a member of the organization’s Board of Management. This board is responsible for all the main decisions concerning the Institute. They make all key decisions regarding any events. The basis of these decisions are an extensive consultation occurring between the management board members. Shafik Sachedina is one of the individuals responsible for the services of the Institute. This makes him instrumental to the organization.

Shafik Sachedina additionally serves his community as a philanthropist. He belongs to the committee for the Aga Khan Development Network. He is one of the Ismaili Institute’s pioneers. He is concerned with Muslim’s economic development all over the world. He additionally gives his service to the Coordinating Committees for Humanitarian Assistance International. Humanitarian assistance is offered to Muslims through this committee. He also works as joint chairman of Sussex healthcare.

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Why Is Waiakea Hawaiian Water So Advantageous

Bottled water can be found in a variety of outlets, including neighborhood supermarkets, gas stations, superstores and national grocery stores. Dasani, Evian, Aquafina, Nestle Pure Life, Poland Spring and others constitutes the list. This specific industry is worth an estimated $100 billion and the nation of Italy consumes the most bottled water out of any other nation. Waiakea Hawaiian water has shot straight to the top of the ranks, and it is delivering some of the best bottled water on earth. Waiakea, which means broad waters, was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. This particular brand is much different from most of its competitors because the bottles are made from 100 percent recycled plastic. In the natural environment, it is estimated that it takes about 1,000 years for a water bottle to degrade. Thanks to Waiakea having the first fully degradable water bottle, it will take an estimated 15 years for these bottles to degrade in a natural environment.


Drinking the cleanest, most refreshing water possible should be everyone’s goal. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. In our homes, tap water is virtually free of charge, but tap water isn’t the cleanest water on the planet. Substances such as chlorine does a good job of cleaning the water, but contaminants like this can be harmful on the human body. Waiakea Hawaiian water comes from a natural source. Rainfall and snowmelt produces this water, and the water goes through an advanced purification process. Waiakea’s water is purified via volcanic rock. This is absolutely true and the volcanic rock extends for 14,000 feet.


Waiakea Hawaiian water has loads of minerals in it, which gives the water a higher pH-level. With an astounding 8.8 pH-level, this water is much more alkaline than most of today’s bottled water competitors. In the end, Waiakea Hawaiian water is definitely some of the safest and best tasting water on the planet and that speaks volumes.

Fortress Investment Group, Your One Stop Shop for a Secure Future

Investing is not only ideal for the rich but also for those that live like church mice. When you invest, you save assets, items you can always recover when things south. Unfortunately, many individuals find investing hard and that is why a significant fraction of the global population languishes in abject poverty. As an individual, you need someone to manage your assets lest you squander them on party and drink. The same principle applies to corporate entities who handle tonnes of cash every day. Luckily, the Fortress Investment Group turns out to be the institution of choice having served the world for over two decades.Since its inception, Fortress Investment Group has offered asset management services to private investors, real estate, institutional clients, permanent capital, and private equity investment strategies. In short, Fortress Investment Group has always been there to serve the greater American region. Presently, Fortress is property to SoftBank Group after getting fully acquired in 2017.

Amazingly, the acquisition got done at a staggering three point three billion dollars, money that got paid in cash.In reality, everything that Fortress owned now belongs to the SoftBank Group, including Fortress Investment Group in itself.It is possible that Fortress will diversify into the technology business since its current owner, the SoftBank Group, has always aspired to drive the information revolution. In short, there are greater things to come all because of the merger.SoftBank is hoping to expand its operations soon thanks to the extensive networks Fortress Investment Group has built over the years. Recall, since 1998, Fortress has been scaling up and prior to its acquisition, it was serving regions like Hong Kong, Philadelphia, New York City, Italy, Los Angeles, and Singapore, areas it continues to serve to date.For two decades, Fortress has been., and will always be thanks to its robust management structure. At the helm of the organization are board members Wesley Edens, Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, and Douglas Jacobs.

These individuals, together with their over one thousand employees, have helped Fortress become a force to get reckoned with by its competitors. The managers of the company have combined a lot of skill and experience, the knowledge that has helped the brand grow.By offering long-term solutions to clients, Fortress Investment has rallied the support of more than one thousand clients, consumers that have made Fortress the corporation of choice for many.Apart from that, Fortress has a superb online presence with more than eighteen thousand followers. From the look of things, the Fortress Investment Corporation is more than an asset company. It is an institution that has stamped its authority in existing markets by yielding its clients’ high returns amid all the risks.It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that you gain more by partnering with the Fortress Investment Company. Therefore, you should spare your resources for the future if at all you want to have an easy life, by joining hands with the Fortress Investment Corporation, a company that has been in the business for far too long.

Rocketship Education Leading in Quality of Education

Te Rocketship Education is a non-profit chain of charter schools across the United States of America with one of the most unique approaches to education. The RocketShip Public Schools was started in 2006 by founders Mr, Preston Smith and Mr. John Danner.

The headquarters of the Rocketship Public Schools is based in the Californian city of Redwood, but the first school was established in the city of San Jose. As the start of the non-profit, there was pressure on the school to achieve good results in order for the organization to continue forward. That first school, however, achieved more than just good results. It became the flagship of the Rocketship Charter Schools and stood out from the rest with its extremely high results on the Calfornia’s State Assesment which surpassed private and elite school.

The Rocketship Public Schools started popping up across the country slowly but steady. Every school achieved great success, and the non-profit organization started receiving more and more support from parents and education foundations, among other contributors. The public schools became a leading choice for parents with small incomes. There were new schools opened in the San Jose area over the next six years.

The first school outside the of the California state was opened in August 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The year after, Rocketship Public schools opened its doors in Nashville, Tenessee as well. A few years later, there was a school in Washington, D. C. and that school also did preschooling with the help of the Apple Tree Institute.

Over the years, the Rocketship Public Schools has been supported by several large organizations such as the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund. the organization was of huge help in the opening if the Washington D. C. charter school. Another big help came from the Chief Executive Officer of Netflix, Mr. Reed Hastings. In February 2015, the CEO donating $2 million to the non-profit to support its growth in the Bay Area. The Obama administration also donated a few million as well. In 2017, Rocketship received a vast monetary award by the Education Department of $250 million.

Alex Pall Recounts His Inception on Chainsmokers

Chainsmokers have already released their highly publicized new soundtrack Closer that has Halsey in the mix. In contrast to their other songs like Roses and Don’t Let Me Down, their closer song has Andre Taggart singing, a thing which he never did in the duos past songs.

Most artists sing their songs, which is a generally accepted principle when they are performing. For most DJ’s however, they prefer to have the support of vocalists and songwriters to lend their musical pieces some emotions associated with the human component.

The duo’s incursion in trying to make their music pieces attain more personality is in congruent with their desire to be acknowledge as true artists of their craft who have feelings and thoughts, which is a great contrast to the unknown beat producers that are usually just taking positions behind the DJ booth. And although most DJ artists have a preference in staying at the back of massive synthesizers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are pushing to expose more of themselves by incorporating more familiarity into a field that is usually without feeling or passion.

To know more about Chainsmokers, Mathias Rosenzweig conducted a close up interview to get to know them better.

When asked how did they start working together, Alex Pall commenced by saying that he has always been a DJ, and has been into DJing in New York, which was more like a side job that he really had a flair for. After some time he realized that he would like to give it a serious try, which was an opportune time then since his manager at that time, who is also the duos’ manager at present, introduce him to Drew. Then they just met and began working together. He added that Drew came down from Maine, he quit his job – and that is just how it all began.

As for Andrew Taggart, he said that he was in college then and had several DJ gigs going on, and the kid who was employed by Alex’s manager at that time said that there was a vacancy on Chainsmokers that was suitable for him. So he travelled to New York, met Alex and they hit it off.

Scott Rocklage and 5AM Ventures are Funding the Future Treatment of Myotonic Dystrophy

Scott Rocklage, P.H.D., and managing partner of 5AM Ventures is an experienced leader in the development of new medications and therapies. Having seen a new and promising opportunity to challenge Muscular Dystrophy, Dr. Rocklage and 5AM Ventures have began funding Expansion Therapeutics fight against Myotonic Dystrophy and other genetic disorders.


The leading cause of adult onset Muscular Dystrophy, is Myotonic Dystrophy type 1 (DM1). Caused by a genetic abnormality, DM1 causes the clustering of RNA within a cell. These clusters interfere with cellular function and protein production. Symptoms manifest as muscle weakness and tissue breakdown. Muscles can develop long-lasting and painful spasms, and the heart can even develop rhythm abnormalities. Currently there isn’t an effective medical treatment for DM1.


The lab at Expansion Therapeutics managed by Matthew D. Disney P.H.D., have researched promising developments in molecular modifications to address these abnormal RNA clusters and return normal cell function. Scott Rocklage and 5AM Ventures support will help propel this research forward and hasten a functional treatment for this devastating genetic disease.


Scott Rocklage has the experience to identify promising medical therapies and treatments. With more than 30 years in healthcare management and biotechnical leadership experience, Scott Rockledge earned his chemistry degree from the University of California, Berkeley and his P.H.D. in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Personally involved in securing FDA approval for three drugs in addition to personally holding more than 30 patents, Scott Rockledge has the knowledge and science to help navigate new treatments and medical therapies through the myriad of safety requirements. He has also show himself as having a good eye for promising medical advances.


By lending his expertise to the research of Dr. Matthew D. Disney and Expansion Therapeutics, Scott Rocklage is looking forward to the new therapy for Myotonic Dystrophy type 1 and the increased quality of life this treatment will impart.


Connect with Dr. Scott Rocklage on LinkedIn.

As co-founders of the Phoenix New Times, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have had important things to say about the past actions of the former Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have had first-hand experience, and scathing viewpoints to boot, about Joe Arpaio. Arpaio — a controversial and political figure — was once the sheriff of Maricopa County, which is located in Arizona. Joe Arpaio — who was formally verified by U.S. District Judge, Susan R. Bolton as being Presidentially pardoned by Donald Trump in 2017 — had Larkin and Lacey arrested about a decade ago.

Under Lacy and Larkin’s leadership at Phoenix New Times, both men worked to uncover and expose, quite frequently, scandals involving the then Maricopa county sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Some of these investigations by Phoenix New Times helped uncover important abuses. Some of these actions by Joe Arpaio, during his 24-year reign as Maricopa County’s sheriff, were deemed unconstitutional.

Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling brought an end to the final chapter of Sheriff Arpaio’s story — which, almost exactly ten years ago to the day that Arpaio was pardoned — included the arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey (co-owners of Phoenix New Times). Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

On the day of October 18, 2007, both Larkin and Lacey were removed from their homes in cuffs by plain clothed, sheriff’s detectives. Both Larkin and Lacey were both charged with misdemeanors, for revealing grand jury secrets that were published in a Phoenix New Times’ article.

The crime that they were noted to have been arrested for, involved an existing order that shields the reputations of those who have accused of a crime, in a court of law.

The arrests of Larkin and Lacey garnered a large public outcry, almost instantly. The level of vitriol over the Larkin and Lacey arrests was felt across all political and cultural lines. No more than 24 hours after Larkin and Lacey were arrested, their legal situation was addressed at a news conference convened by Andrew Thomas, the acting attorney of Maricopa County at the time.

Attorney Thomas averred that the arrests of both Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were improper acts. Attorney Thomas also stated that the case be closed. As a result of the unfounded arrests, both Larkin and Lacey sued. The board of supervisors voted to award a $3.75 million settlement in the latter part of 2013 to Lacey and Larkin.

The $3.75 settlement that was voted on by the board of supervisors, was deemed a minuscule number, compared to the lawsuit, Melendes v. Arpaio. The Melendes v. Arpaio case has been noted to have cost Maricopa County residents, $70 million, as of the November, 2017, totals.

Once dropouts of Arizona State University, Lacy and Larkin made good at their campus paper – born out of the rage over the Kent State University killings – by turning it into a coast-to-coast franchise.

With Larkin as CEO, and Lacy as the executive director, both men worked out a deal to sell off the franchise to Voice Media Group in 2013. At its peak, Village Voice Media consisted of 17 publications.

Securus Technologies: An Award Winning Tech Company Dedicated To Culling Contraband Delivered To Prisons Via Drones

Securus Technologies is a Carrollton, Texas-based company that provides tech-enabled solutions for correctional facilities, law enforcement, public safety, and investigations all over the United States and Canada. Altogether, the company serves over 3,500 different correctional agencies by offering incident management services, biometric analysis, management of information, self-service for inmates, payment services for the government, and much more. The goal of Securus is to make the world a safer place for everyone who is living in it. In recent news, the company released a public statement that it is launching a drone detection program in order to reduce the threat that drones are causing in jails and prisons.


Securus Technologies acknowledges that inmates are using drones to get illegal contraband into prisons. Specifically, they have been used to deliver drugs, weapons, and cellphones. It took a bit over a year and a half to look over the kind of technology that will detect these drones so they can be stopped from delivering contraband, and a spokesperson for Securus revealed that trials are underway that will help the technology to get better and better. The company is working directly with corrections officials to improve the results of their program, and it is proving to be a good investment as the results are looking better. Securus has stated that while their program is improving, it will need to continue to get better as incidents of drones delivering contraband to prisoners is increasing.


Securus Technologies also recently announced that it has been chosen as a three-time winner of awards given at the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. These awards honor the world’s best sales professionals, customer service agents, contact centers, and those who have developed their businesses optimally. Altogether, the awards feature seven of the globes best business awards programs, and the Gold award for Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year went to the Corporate Escalations team. A Silver award for The Customer Service Professional of the Year award was given to Zelperita Jackson, as well, and The Video Visitation Team won a Bronze award.


Companies and organizations of many different sizes were present for the awards ceremony, and the winners were chosen from over 2,500 nominations. There were over 80 different customer service and contact center categories and 60 categories in the business development and sales sector. Senior Vice President of Operations for Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, commented that he was incredibly proud how well the customer service team of the company had done this year and that 2017 was the best year they had experienced. Securus Technologies plans to continue to march into the future with its customers being the main focus of all of the hard work and effort that go into the innovative technology the company creates.


Daniel Taub Explains The nuclear Deal

Daniel Taub, Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom recently spoke to the Independent about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. He floated the idea of having new alliances formed in the Middle East. The new alliances between Jews and neighboring states are the new idea towards countering the threat imposed by Iran.

Daniel Taub is strongly opinionated on this matter, and he is of the idea that the alliances will do little to contain this threat. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

The Meeting

To address the issue, an Israeli security team showed up in Washington D.C. for a meeting with American officials. It was projected that the situation would require more radical partnerships that have since now been a considerable part of peace talks in America.

The Alliance

The United States, a group of other world powers as well as Iran recently announced the arrival of a deal that will bar Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. In simple terms, this agreement is a challenge but must be met by the following exchange: Iran must give up its power and capability to create a bomb. In return, Europe, America, and the United Nations have assembled to lift sanctions from Iran’s economic platform.

Iran’s Government

Daniel Taub continues to explain that the government of Iran is not friendly to the United States. Consequently, there is a good reason to believe that the agreement may not work because Iran might still get weapons. All involved parties are worried that the deal may not go as planned as Iran may bail out by breaking the agreements.

The Agreement Is Protected

Fortunately, this deal is not dependant on blind trust as both parties are well aware that Iran might fail them. Apart from that, the agreement contains strict monitoring as well as evaluation measures to punish Iran in case of any devious moves.

The general question from every party is, however; can Iran be trusted to keep its end of the bargain?

Taub’s Profile

Taub hails from the United Kingdom. He was appointed the Israeli ambassador in 2011. Since then, he has played instrumental roles in uniting the people of Israel and the United Kingdom. Most importantly, Daniel Taub has been a peace negotiator.

While serving in Israel, he was the epitome of peaceful negotiations. He used his skills to promote business in the country. Even as he resigned, Daniel Taub left a legacy that would require big shoes to fill into.

Additional Information

In education, Daniel Taub holds strong academic credentials. He is an alumnus of the Oxford University College and the Harvard University.

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